We are quite pleased to release the fourth issue of Fides et Humilitas (FidHum). Our vision for the journal is to offer a venue for students and scholars to publish articles, conference proceedings, and related book reviews in the broad field of early Christianity (Ancient Judaism, New Testament and Early Christianity, and Patristic Studies).

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In this issue, we have a broad contribution of articles and book reviews. Additionally, this issue contains a cogitatio on Ignatius of Antioch. A cogitatio offers a deeper reflection on a given topic, while not exclusively reserved for intellectual contribution. See below for the Table of Contents.

  1. Editorial: Retrieval, Resourcement, and the Reformation: Tradition, Scripture, and the Protestant Reformation by Coleman M. Ford and Shawn J. Wilhite


  1. Finding Wine in the Water Jar: A History of Interpretation of John 2:1–11 by Chase Sears
  2. Early Christian Wives as Household Missionaries: An Analysis of 1 Peter 3:1–6 by Miguel Echevaria

Cogitatio: Ignatius of Antioch

  1. “Attuned to the Bishop as Strings to a Lyre”: Imitation and Virtue Formation in the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch by Coleman M. Ford 
  2. Ignatius’s Trinitarian Foundation for Church Unity and Obeying Spiritual Leaders by Edward L. Smither


  1. Peter Sanlon on Scholarship in Service to the Church


. . . and several book reviews


We hope you enjoy the fourth issue from the Center for Ancient Christian Studies.

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