Rev. Dr. David Robinson (Ph.D., M.A.) is senior pastor at Westminster Chapel (Toronto, Canada), an adjunct professor in the Biblical Studies and Theology department at Tyndale University College & Seminary, a fellow of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and presently serves as chairman of the ETS Ontario-Quebec region. His research interests include early North African Christianity and the history of biblical interpretation, particularly the book of Revelation. 

David has published articles in Studia Patristica, Worship, Theoforum, Humanitas, and Revista Vida y Espiritualidad. He and Francis X. Gumerlock have recently completed an annotated translation of Tyconius of Carthage’s Exposition of the Apocalypse, which is forthcoming (Tyconius: Exposition of the Apocalypse. Translated by Francis X. Gumerlock. Introduction and notes by David C. Robinson. Fathers of the Church, no. 134. Washington, DC: Catholic University of American Press). He’s currently working on Tertullian: An Introduction to his Life and Thought(Christian Focus). 

David is married to Megan and they have three children, Samuel, Leah, and Lucas.