Coleman M. Ford - Editor in Chief

Coleman Ford (Th.M.) is founder and editor of Center of Ancient Christian Studies and Fides et Humilitas: The Journal of the Center for Ancient Christian Studies. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Church History and Biblical Spirituality at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently a minister at The Village Church in Dallas, TX. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor for Boyce College and teaching assistant at Southern Seminary. His research interests include the spirituality and pastoral theology of Augustine of Hippo, virtue in the patristic tradition, Christianity in late antiquity, reception history of the church fathers, and the history of Christian spirituality. Coleman is a member of the American Society of Church History, Evangelical Theological Society, North American Patristics Society,  Society of Biblical Literature, and the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

He has contributed numerous articles and reviews in journals including Churchman, Evangelical Quarterly, Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry, Journal of Evangelical Theological Society, Midwestern Journal of Theology, and Reading Religion.

You can follow Coleman on Twitter @colemanford