In the forthcoming months, we have a few CACS fellows presenting research at the Evangelical Theological Society. Below, Stefana Laing, Megan DeVore, and Brian Arnold will participate in two Patristic sections at ETS. 

Although not focused on Patristics per se, Michael Haykin (CACS Reference Board) will present a lecture, entitled, “"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit": The Holy Spirit & Human Experience in the Long 18th Century.”

Below are the two sections. 

Tues, Nov. 13 2:00-5:10

Moderator: W. Brian Shelton

  1. Brian J. Arnold:  “‘To Behold Its Own Delight’:  The Beatific Vision in Irenaeus of Lyons”
  2. Scott Harrower:  “Visual Exegesis at ‘The World’s Oldest Church’:  The Way Forward” 
  3. Kurt Jaros:  “Was Vincent of Lérins an Augustinian on the Doctrine of Grace?  A Reply to Recent Arguments” 
  4. William Watson:  “Cumynge of Antecryst:  An Early Fifteenth-Century Middle English Gothic Manuscript” 


Wed, Nov. 14, 3:00-6:10

Moderator: Stefana Dan Laing 

  1. Brian Matz, “Patristic Sources and Trinitarian Implications in the Ninth-Century Procession Debates” 
  2. Graydon Cress, “Basil of Caesarea: Champion of the Holy Spirit”  
  3. Jared Bryant, “The Divinity of the Holy Spirit according to Gregory of Nazianzus and Basil of Caesarea”    
  4. Discussion
  5. Esther Ng, “Montanism: Precursor of the Contemporary Charismatic Movement? Feminist Aspirations?”
  6. Megan DeVore, “Post-Montanist? The Holy Spirit in an Early North African Martyr Account” 
  7. Discussion
  8. D. Jeff Bingham, “Christ, the Spirit, and the Water in Irenaeus”
  9. Brian Matz Response to All Papers