Academic Virtue – We seek to provide a high level of scholarly interaction and leadership through a journal publication and online platform. These will encourage the enhancement of life and promotion of virtues through academic rigor, and biblical and theological expression of ancient texts.

Intellectual Development – Create intentional gatherings to grow both in mind and heart through learning environments, annual symposiums, regular scholarly presentations, and courses.

Community of Learners – Form whole person scholars by bringing together a community of Fellows and likeminded learners to share ideas, encourage meaningful dialogue, and provide spiritual mentorship.

Excellence in Publication – Strive to achieve a high level of excellence in journal articles, book reviews, and online subject matter. Thus, we make it our ambition to produce thoughtful scholarship and contribute to the field of ancient Christian studies.

Charitable Cooperation – Pursue, with charity, the study of ancient Christianity alongside those of differing viewpoints and distinct confessional postures while maintaining our commitment to an evangelical identity.

5 Tangible Expressions of the Center for Ancient Christianity

  1. Online Platform
  2. Academic Journal
  3. Annual Symposium
  4. Patristics and Ancient Christian Studies Course
  5. Jr. Fellows Discipleship Program